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Photo Landscape Backdrops
Quite simply the best backdrop product on the market with a user-friendly
process. Hundreds of choices, several options, almost unlimited
size potential and reasonable pricing.
In a simple 5
step process you
can add the
factor with your
own custom
Each backdrop is printed individually for you to your specs.
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Step 2 - Download the Order Worksheet.      You will use this worksheet to create your backdrop.
When done you can mail or email it to us and we will develop a contract and thumbnail proof of your backdrop that will be emailed
back to you within a week. We can coordinate details by phone if necessary. To complete the order you will sign and return
the contract along with your payment. Delivery time is generally within two weeks.
Step 1 - Choose your Image.  Click below to access our Image Library.
Step 3 - Sky or No Sky?  Indicate on your Order Worksheet whether you want your backdrop printed with a full sky,  
or if you want it printed only from the tallest feature down (if you plan to paint your sky behind the print before installing it).
If you
choose "NO SKY" you will end up cutting away the remaining sky along the horizon line with a razer knife or sharp scissors.
Step 4 - Indicate on your Order Worksheet the key dimensions of your print. Carefully measure your location on your layout. We
can custom print the width and height of the features on your print, and crop to print only a section of the image. We can reduce the
image as small as you like and enlarge it up to the recommended limits quoted for each image. We can print up to 48" high on our
Image-Bright Vinyl material and Pro10.5 material, or 32" high on our Fab-Tex Polyester material. The length is unlimited!
Step 5 - Choose your print material (see below) then complete your Order Worksheet and get it to us either by mail or email.
Email your form as an email attachment
Mail to:
Larc Products
PO Box 342
Jamesville, NY 13o78
Printed on Image-Brite Vinyl -  $8 per Square Foot
Printed on
Fab-Tex Polyester - $9 per Square Foot
Printed on
Pro 10.5 - $10 per Square Foot

- Image-Bright is 4 ml thick vinyl with a Peel-N-Stick paper backing. No glues are
necessary. Just peel off the paper backing and stick to your background surface, or fasten
with the rigid backing left on. Heights to 48" with unlimited length.
- Fab-Tex is a 7 ml thick cloth based material, also with a Peel-N-Stick paper backing.
Fab-Tex is removable, re-positionable, and has a completely flat finish with heights to 32".
- Pro 10.5 is a 10.5 ml smooth synthetic anti-curl material that is NOT peel-n-stick like our
other two materials. Pro 10.5 is thicker and semi rigid so it can be applied with double
sided tape and will easily hide imperfections in the surface that is being covered. It can be
rolled and moved around but unrolls flat. Colors are brilliant. Print sizes up to 48" high.

Shipping and Handling costs depend on the weight and size of the shipping tube
required and the destination. The base shipping cost is $10 but will be higher for large
backdrops, multiple backdrops mailed together, or for foreign shipments.

NY State residents add 8% sales tax.

All prices above include basic re-sizing, cropping and simple photo
editing of any photo in our
Image Library. If you do not see what you are
looking for in our
Image Library, a custom scene can be created just for
you. We can blend scenes, add or delete structures, etc. Extensive photo
editing beyond the basic services described above require a $30 per hour
upfront work fee that is non-refundable.  Email us at
LARCProducts@yahoo.com to discuss your needs. Include your phone
number in case we need to discuss details by phone.
Our Simple 5 Step Process:

"Well I couldn't be more enthusiastic about the backdrops that arrived this morning.  They're absolutely
stunning!  Well worth the investment. There are those who say that a backdrop shouldn't upstage the layout, that a
backdrop should be hazy, muted, and understated.  The people who say this are probably those who have crap for
backdrops. It's gotta be spectacular!   I want the first impression to be stunning, and your backdrops will be pivotal in
setting that mood."                        From Customer Greg Condon - Layout featured in
Great Model Railroads 2013

"The package came today!!    It’s Perfect!!   Thanks so much!"   -  From Customer Jonathan Sauer

"Received the backdrops early this week and I am thrilled by the work you have done.  I hope to start mounting the scenes
soon.  Will send photos later on.  Thank you so much."   - From Customer  Rollin Edgar

"WOW !!  AMAZING  !!  Bill, that is one gorgeous piece of work.  Can’t wait to get it up on my already prepped masonite
backboards." - From Customer Doug Murray

"I FINALLY got the courage to put up the backdrop you made for me on my layout.  Thank you SO much for such a great
product and for making it SO easy to do.  I wish I did it sooner!" - From Customer John Bartolotto

"You did an amazing job on my backdrop – and I suspect a lot more work than your $25 setup fee called for.... Again,
thanx for your excellent work and your excellent service."    - From Customer Doug Murray

"Backdrops are up!  Here's some photos; I'm very pleased w/ them.  Of course scenery isn't in yet, and the speaker near
Ophir will need to be dealt with later - but it looks really good overall."  - From Customer Steven Haworth (to see Steven's
blog go to

"WOW! I am beyond pleased with the backdrop. From initially working with me on getting the size and design as I
wanted, to the speed of delivery, to the appealing cost, to the product itself, you were first-rate all the way. It arrived in
the mail today, and will be up this afternoon. It looks great. Just what I wanted. Thanks again for the great service
provided. I’ve recommended you on a couple of YouTube sites, as you deserve it."    From Customer Ken Silva, Laveen,
"Just wanted to say that I received the backdrop and I was blown away. It looks amazing!!  I briefly propped it up
behind the layout and I was blown away again at how much depth and realism it instantly added. I felt like my
layout just grew a few miles. Thank you so much for helping me get the perfect backdrop!!" from Todd Davidson,
Coram, NY
Also note that any backdrop image on our Railroad Graphics CDs are also available as full-sized one-piece backdrop prints.
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RR Graphics CDs.