Our good friend Bob Hamm is building
a SUPER replica of The Rio Grande
Southern Railroad. These photos are
from some unfinished areas using
backdrops from LARC Products.
Great job Bob!
Customer Submitted Photos
Mike Pulaski's sent us this
photo after he installed
"Marathon Farm Land" and
added some brush behind the
tracks.. Amazing blending!
The Burlington County (NJ) Model
Railroad Club recently installed a
LARC Backdrop that measures 30
feet long and 18 inches high!
Four different scenes
were blended through
our skilled LARC photo
editing process.
The backdrop adds depth to some
fabulous modeling by some very skilled
builders on The Rancocas Valley Lines.
Barrington Sharpe of
Delaware shows us that a
lot can be done in a small
area for BIG trains. Several
city scenes and a dynamic
sky were blended to give
him a great background for
around-the-room shelf next
to his ceiling. FABULOUS
Drew James of
Baldwinsville NY added
a great mountain scene
to his super modeling of
the Canadian West. The
backdrop is a photo
taken in Glacier National
Park. LARC offers
photos taken in great
spots across the country.
David Martini of North
Syracuse New York
wanted a city and
industrial scene to
enhance this area on
his CSX Northeast
layout. We selected an
overview of the
Cleveland skyline and
blended in a steel mill
from Bethlehem
Pennsylvania. Dave is
now adding building
flats along the wall to
complete the scene.
How about this photo from Lou
Sassi! Lou asked for this
fantastic backdrop for use in
photos for his new book that
will be released sometime in
the next year.
John Bartolotto sent us these photos of his wonderful Z Scale layout and one of our
city scene backdrops with a full sky. Great job John!
Doug Murray
started with the
backdrop and is
now ready for
Two great shots from the layout of
William Ridgeway.
Fantastic view from Jim Barta of Deer
Park Washington using our
"Lead Valley" backdrop